Pastoral Transition

Pastoral Transition


August 9th: The church overwhelmingly approved the appointment of Dr. David Wheeler as interim pastor at Lakewood Baptist Church. 

The Interim Pastor will start on September 1st 2020 and serve until a new pastor is hired. The church constitution states that the Interim Pastor will not be considered as a candidate for the Pastor position.

The Pastor Search Committee will follow the four-step search process recommended by the SBC to seek a new pastor and will receive training in this process.

The Committee will recommend a candidate to the church to be voted on by the members

What Can You Do?

God is faithful. He is sovereign and loves His church. The SBC estimates that it takes on average 12-18 months to select a new Pastor. It is important that we remain patient and trust the Lord through this process. We do not want to shortcut what God is doing. The most important thing you can do right now is pray.

• Pray for the congregation, the Deacons, the Pastor Search
Committee, and the man God is preparing to be our pastor.
• Pray for and support interim leadership through the transitional period.
• Study the qualifications of a pastor in 1 Timothy 1:1-7.
• Reflect on the qualities to look for in a Search Committee Member as you consider making nominations.

Pastor Search Committee Updates

The Pastoral Search Committee has begun Phase 2 and has begun seeking applications for the pastoral position at Lakewood Baptist Church. Please read the job description and instructions included in  the PDF document linked below.

All resumes and cover letters should be emailed to

Pastoral Job Description